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Dr. Randy W. Griffin

West Coast Endodontics

Patient Testimonials

I have to say Dr Griffin is a top, dedicated Endodontist in the area. I had an infection (fistula) on a molar and he did a root canal in the most professional and caring manner. Went back after a few weeks later, and following an x-ray, he determined , infection was gone, and a week later I had a final, permanent restoration. I'm very happy with his treatment. Dr Griffin is just the BEST!


For the last several years I have routinely referred my endodontic patients to Dr. Randy Griffin. The reason is quite simple: Successful treatment involves our dedication to the highest standard of the dental profession. We are a team with a single purpose: do the right thing; the right way with minimal complication for our patients. Dr. Griffin is an invaluable part of our team and absolutely essential to our success.

Dr. B - Palm Harbor

Dr. Griffin is an excellent dentist. He is very knowledgeable and pain free - everything you would want in an endodontist. I will recommend to all my friends. LB

Very professional from start to finish. I wish all the care practioners with whom I have contact were in the same mode. I feel l00% that I am going to receive the finest in modern dental care from you and your staff. Keep up the great work. JB

I would like to thank Dr. Griffin and his staff for the excellent care and courtesy I received during my visit. I am so pleased with the experience and outcome of my procedure and will recommend your practice highly. Thank you, P H

I just want to say that Dr. Griffin and his staff are awesome!! I needed a root canal and had put off making my appointment due to bad experiences in the past. Well, what a delightful surprise it was to have such a caring and skilled endodontist and my anxiety level dropped significantly. From the moment I stepped in the front door to the moment I walked out the door everyone was courteous and professional and friendly and I will not hesitate if needed to return. Thank you Dr. Griffin and staff.


I saw Dr. Griffin on a Monday morning for a cracked crown. My crowns are all 20-30 years old. He examined it and the info. my dentist sent, gave me a CT scan, and we decided to go ahead and fix it that day. He and his assistant did a great job. I went from his office with a temporary filling, then Sat. my dentist filled the crown with a permanent filling. Dr. Griffin was very nice and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend him to all my friends. I only used Aleve for the first two days.


As a dentist in a restorative practice that encompasses full mouth rehabilitation and the routine change of occlusal schemes, it is imperative that the team of specialists demonstrates clinical excellence as well as a commitment to the overall treatment plan. I have had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Griffin for the last twelve years, and my experience as well as that of my patients has been exceptional. His ability to create a solid foundation with a high degree of success has improved my ability to finish cases with confidence. The world of restorative dentistry involves the utilization of an outstanding team of professionals. Dr. Griffin has proven time and again that his expertise far surpasses the standard of care. We refer patients to Dr. Griffin with the greatest confidence, and it is routine for our patients to return with stories of a wonderful experience. It is fair to say that Dr. Griffin demonstrates a level of competence, compassion, and commitment to the field of endodontics, his referral sources, and his patients that far exceeds expectations.

Dr. O - Clearwater

Recently Dr. Griffin performed a root canal on #31. In addition to being a highly skilled physician he also possesses a good sense of humor. That is something a person like myself appreciates as I'm typically afraid of going through procedures such as this. I was assured by Dr. Griffin that the procedure would be fast and painless and he is a man of his word.

The staff is also very friendly and they too work to calm and reassure a patient that things will be fine and there is nothing to worry about. I rate Dr. Griffin's practice to be A+.


Thanks for your skill and expertise in treating my tooth.  I didn't think the tooth could be saved but you did!.  From the moment you started, I've been pain free.  Why I didn't come in sooner.....I'll know better next time.  Thanks!


Thanks you for treating #30 for me.  As you know, I drive 1 1/2 hours to see Dr. ***** because he's worth it.  He was adamant that I go to you for endo instead of the endodontist I use here.  Now I know why.  I only wish you were next door to my office.  Please give my regards to your staff too.  They were terrific.


I went in there expecting the worst pain, from previous root canals, but I was pleasantly surprised. No pain. Getting my teeth cleaned is worse. Great Staff


Dr. Griffin is awesome!  I had never experienced a root canal and expected the worst.  Was I ever surprised!  Dr. Griffin and his staff made having a root canal one of the best experiences I've ever had in a dental office.  Thanks Again!


I couldn't be more pleased.  Dr. Griffin is a pro and you can tell he cares about what he does.  If I need another root canal (hope not, but.....), I'll be back!


Superbly competent professionals with personality!


After nearly three months of frustration and discomfort from a root canal, and re-treatment preformed by another endodontist, I visited Dr. Griffin for a consultation. He took quality time, effort, and examination with me. He identifed the issues he felt might be contributing to my continued pain. He professionally made an antibiotic change, and made me feel that there was HOPE for a pain free, healed, root canal. I made the switch to Dr. Griffin, and had yet another treatment performed by him. Two hours later I was pain free!I highly recommend Dr. Griffin and his professional staff!